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deepening reform and opening up| Phoenix Group promotes cultural "going out to sea" to build a new pattern of international communication
1 week ago

In recent years, Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing and Media Group has focused on the four directions of copyright trade, physical export, cooperative publishing, and global solicitation of manuscripts. It has attached great importance to horizontal cooperation between domestic and foreign publishing companies, improved overseas layout, and strived to build an all-round and three-dimensional "going global" pattern continues to enhance the spread and influence of Chinese civilization.

The group actively deploys the international market and maintains cooperation with well-known publishing institutions in more than 60 overseas countries and regions. Every year, it exports more than 450 non-Chinese book copyrights and translates and introduces more than 400 overseas works, and actively promotes the high-quality development of international publishing cooperation.

Using books as the medium and culture as the link, the group has built a total of 18 "Phoenix Bookshelves" overseas, displaying Phoenix edition of fine books in a timely manner, holding reading promotion activities, demonstrating the development achievements of contemporary China and disseminating contemporary China research results.

In the future, the group will continue to strengthen the construction of cultural "going global" channels and content, further develop in international cultural exchanges and international publishing, strive to tell Chinese stories well, spread Chinese voices well, and strive to achieve a new leap in international communication capabilities.

Reporter: Xia Peng

Reporters: Wei Kexin, Li Yuteng

Produced by the Audio and Video Department of Xinhua Agency