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Fu Bao goes home|N highlight moments of "Princess Fu" and "Bao Family".
1 week ago

According to the plan, the giant panda "Fu Bao" in South Korea set off from Everland at 9:40 Beijing time on April 3 and embarked on the journey home.

As the first giant panda born in South Korea, "Fu Bao" is loved by the local people and has received cute nicknames such as "Princess Fu". According to Everland, since January 4, 2021, when "Fu Bao" began to meet the public, it has attracted about 5.5 million visitors.

Everland uses video to record the growth of "Fu Bao" from the first day of birth to 100 days (04:46)
In March 2016, giant pandas "Aibao" (domestic name: Huani) and "Lebao" (domestic name: Yuan Xin) arrived in South Korea, starting a 15-year life in South Korea. On July 20, 2020, they gave birth to their first baby panda "Fu Bao" at Everland in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Fu Bao will turn 4 years old in July this year. According to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, giant pandas donated by China to foreign countries must return to China before they reach the age of four.

A group of "Princess Fu" and "Bao Family" highlight moments freeze the good memories of "Fu Bao" in Korea.

"Princess Fuku"

Born on July 20, 2020

Eloon and her newborn cubs. At birth, Fubao was 16.5 centimeters long and weighed only 197 grams.

September 10, 2020|50 days after birth

The cute and cute super soft "Fu Bao"

October 28, 2020|100 days old

The weight of "Fu Bao" in the 100 days of birth is 30 times that of the first birth, about 5.8 kilograms, and the length is 3.6 times that of the newborn, about 58.5 centimeters.

"Fu Bao", who was born for 100 days, lay down with his mother

November 4, 2020 |

In view of the low survival rate of pandas, it is generally accepted in the international practice to name pandas 100 days after birth, that is, after their growth has reached a stable period.

From September 22 to October 11, 2020, Everland will open a call for names for baby pandas, and there are four candidate names, namely Chaobao, Xingbao, Xingxing and Fubao. In the end, "Fu Bao", which means "the treasure that brings happiness", ranks first, so it is named "Fu Bao". Of the approximately 50,000 voters, about 17,000 chose the name.

"Fu Bao" at the naming ceremony

January 4, 2021|debut

The giant panda mother and daughter "Aibao" and "Fu Bao", who made their debut in Everland in South Korea, interacted intimately.

On April 1, 2021, in Everland, South Korea, "Fu Bao" was yawning.

July 20, 2021|1st birthday

Fu Bao is one year old. In order to celebrate the birthday of "Fu Bao", Everland held a month-long "Happy Panda Week" activity.?

On July 5, 2021, on the eve of "Fubao's" first birthday, he was with his mother.

July 20, 2022|2nd Birthday

"Fu Bao" is celebrating his second birthday and is enjoying a birthday cake made with bamboo, carrots, etc. "Fubao" has been living separately from his mother since September 2022 to welcome the period of sexual maturity.

July 20, 2023|3 years old

Everland released the "Fu Princess" 3rd birthday commemorative photo

March 3, 2024|Final appearance in Korea

On its last day, Fu Bao made its public debut at Everland. On that day, thousands of South Koreans did not hesitate to queue for nearly 7 hours to say goodbye to "Fu Bao". In addition to the delicious food, Grandpa Jiang specially prepared a bouquet of rape flowers with special meanings for "Fu Bao". In March 2016, when Grandpa Jiang came to China to pick up "Aibao" and "Lebao" to South Korea, it was the season when Sichuan was full of golden rape flowers. Every year at this time, Everland will plant rape flowers in the panda pavilion.

On the last day of "Fubao", Grandpa Jiang prepared a bouquet of rape flowers symbolizing happiness.

March 4, 2024|Quarantine

From that day on, "Fubao" entered a one-month health and quarantine management, and underwent transfer cage adaptation training, preparing to return to China on a charter flight on April 3. According to reports, after returning to China, "Fubao" will stay at the Shenshuping base of the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center in Sichuan Province.

During the quarantine period, "Fu Bao" was eating wowotou

"Bao Family"

In the past four years in South Korea, under the care of two breeders, Grandpa Kang (Jiang Zheyuan) and Grandpa Song (Song Yongkuan), "Fubao" has transformed from a fluffy little ball into a lively and cute round roll, which plays carefree in Everland, eats bamboo, rolls on the grass, and brings endless joy to the Korean people with the lovely daily life of the grandfathers. Korean netizens laughed that "Fubao" was spoiled as a "little princess". They even have a combined name - "Bao Family".

Group photo of members of the "Bao family".

In addition to taking care of the material "Fu Bao", the two "grandfathers" also made full preparations for the return of "Fu Bao" in advance. They taught Chinese on their own, took "Fubao" to write Chinese characters and read Chinese picture books, helping her adapt to the Chinese environment in advance.

Now, the four-year appointment is approaching, and the time between "Fu Bao" and the breeder has also entered the countdown. On the last day of the public meeting in South Korea, the two "grandfathers" who said that they would not cry cried into tears.

"Fu Bao" and Grandpa Song wore the same bamboo glasses

In the article "Preparing to Say Goodbye to Fubao", Grandpa Song is full of concern and blessings for "Fubao": "Separation is not always easy. But during my time as a keeper, I learned a lot from wild animals how to deal with parting. Maybe we should learn from Aibao, she made Fubao independent. Grandpa Jiang said that the happiness of animals is different from the happiness of people, and "Fubao" is about to mature sexually, and there is no male giant panda suitable for breeding in South Korea. Therefore, it was the right choice to let "Fu Bao" return to China to meet other friends. It is reported that Grandpa Jiang will take a chartered flight together to escort "Fu Bao" back to China and then back to South Korea.

"Fu Bao" and Grandpa Song

Grandpa Song and "Fu Bao"

"Fubo" is a veritable "superstar" in South Korea. From the day "Fu Bao" was born, Everland has recorded every stage of "Fu Bao's" growth through images. According to Everland statistics, the cumulative number of hits of the "Fubao" video uploaded on social networks has reached 500 million.

In these daily video records, "Fu Bao" completely trusts and relies on his grandfathers, and countless heart-warming moments not only heal the Korean people, but also warm Chinese netizens.

"Fu Bao" tried to lift Grandpa Jiang

In December 2020, "Fu Bao" hugged the breeder's leg and coquettishly. On the first day of its launch on YouTube, the video was viewed 4.39 million times, and its popularity was very popular.

In December 2020, "Fu Bao" and Grandpa Jiang snuggled up to each other.

Fu Bao stuck his little tongue out on his grandfather's back

"Fubao", welcome home!

* The picture in this article is Visual China, IC, Xinhua News Agency, Everland official website, Everland's official social platform