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The people of all ethnic groups in Yuepuhu County praised the performance of the Kashgar branch of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala
1 week ago

The annual China Central Radio and Television Spring Festival Gala arrived as scheduled on the night of Chinese New Year's Eve. As one of the four major sub-venues in the country, Kashgar appeared on the big screen of CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the first time, making a shocking appearance, presenting a passionate, magnificent and colorful grand performance for the people of the whole country. Cadres and people of all ethnic groups in Yuepuhu County gathered together to talk about the national feelings, and felt the New Year's flavor of reunion and reunion together in the festive and warm atmosphere of the party.

The Spring Festival Gala is an indispensable "feast" for the Spring Festival. In Aktikan Village, Seyeke Township, Yuepuhu County, the village-based task force of the Autonomous Region Department of Commerce and representatives of villagers watched the CCTV Spring Festival Gala program together, and everyone ate Chinese New Year's Eve dinner and dumplings together, watched the Spring Festival Gala together, chatted, said goodbye to the old and welcomed the new, and kept the New Year, and made every effort to present a festive atmosphere of joy and joy for the New Year.

Abulaz Maimat, a villager from Aktikan Village, Seyeke Township, Yuepuhu County, said excitedly that today is really a day worth remembering. The Spring Festival is an important festival for our Chinese, and I am very happy that we are here this year with the village-based team. I have seen the colorful culture of various ethnic groups in the Spring Festival Gala program, and the program effectively integrates various elements such as artistic performances, cultural traditions, sports competitions, tourism promotions and special foods in various regions, so that the people of all ethnic groups can share the happiness and joy of the Spring Festival and experience the infinite charm of Chinese civilization, I feel extremely proud and proud.

The wonderful program of the Kashgar branch venue closely followed the theme of the times of "great national unity", closely followed the traditional culture of various ethnic groups and the beautiful modern life, presented a rich and colorful cultural feast for the audience, and sang the Spring Festival song of the new era and new journey. The "2024 Spring Festival Gala" has set up a branch venue in Kashgar for the first time, which is not only a good opportunity for Kashgar to show the rich historical and cultural heritage, good eco-tourism resources and the pace of construction of the pilot free trade zone to the whole country and the world, but also a rare opportunity for Yuepuhu County, the "back garden" of Kashgar, to accelerate the promotion of the cultural and tourism industry to empower rural revitalization.

Gulnar Abulaiz, a villager from Aktikan Village, Seyeke Township, Yuepuhu County, told reporters that this year's Spring Festival Gala was held at our doorstep, and we are very proud to see so many Ming people performing in Kashgar to help promote Kashgar, and our Kashgar is even more famous. In the past few years, under the care of the party and the government, we have ushered in great development, and our lives have also undergone great changes, and now we are living a very happy life. I hope that more friends will come to Kashgar in the future to travel with us to Yuepu Lake, dance with us, and taste our special food.

Gao Lizhen, the general leader of the working group of the Department of Commerce of the Autonomous Region in Yuepuhu County, the first secretary of Aktikan Village, Seyeke Township, and the leader of the working team, said that I have spent the fourth Spring Festival in the village, and I have witnessed the changes in Kashgar and our beautiful countryside, especially this Spring Festival. At this beautiful moment, all the villagers of Aktikan Village wish our motherland prosperity and peace and security. Our village-based team will make persistent efforts to build our villages into a better place.

The Spring Festival of 2024 is destined to be an unforgettable and special moment for the people of all ethnic groups in Kashgar, Xinjiang. On February 9th, the cadres and masses of Sunshine Community in Yuepuhu County gathered together to share happy times and feel the strong flavor of the New Year.

In the house of resident Chen Cong, I saw neighbors of all ethnic groups watching the Spring Festival Gala with laughter and laughter. The wonderful performance at the Kashgar branch immediately attracted everyone's attention. From folk dances to modern songs, the program shows the rich and colorful culture of the Chinese nation and the unique charm of the Kashgar region, especially the dazzling stage of the ancient city scenic spot, the dazzling lighting effects and the traditional culture and art of various ethnic groups performed on the same stage, which shows a thriving picture of various ethnic groups.

Chen Cong, a resident of Sunshine Community in Yuepuhu County, said excitedly that the CCTV Spring Festival Gala set up a branch venue in Kashgar, Xinjiang for the first time, and I felt very excited and happy to watch today's CCTV Spring Festival Gala.