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Xinjiang Tianye Tianyu Xinshi hydrochloric acid heat unit hot water pump renovation efficiency is remarkable
1 week ago

Recently, Xinjiang Tianye Tianyu Xinshi Company completed the replacement of 3 hot water pumps of hydrochloric acid heat unit through technical transformation. The newly replaced hot water pump has strong operation stability and good equipment performance, which has a significant role in reducing the cost of production accessories.

It is understood that the company's previous hot water pump equipment has high energy consumption, small inlet and outlet diameters, low flow and high maintenance frequency. To this end, the company upgraded the hot water pump of the hydrochloric acid heat unit to completely solve the poor operation effect of the hot water pump equipment. The new hot water pump type has expanded the inlet and outlet diameters from the previous DN250 to DN300, which effectively increases the operating pressure of the inlet and outlet and reduces the waste of circulating water and machine seal water. At the same time, the new pump is equipped with a remote monitoring system, which reduces the labor intensity of employees and improves the safety and controllability of daily operations.

In addition, the company also added pneumatic valves to the replaced hot water pumps, optimized the corresponding production process, further improved the level of equipment automation control, and ensured safe production and stable operation. After operation, it is estimated that a single hot water pump can save 2000kw?h to 2500kw?h of electricity per day, and the energy-saving rate is about 10%, and the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is very significant.

In the future, the company will make precise efforts to do a good job in energy conservation and consumption reduction, implement the work of improving quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, encourage employees to base themselves on their posts, pioneer and innovate, and actively participate in energy-saving technological transformation and post innovation, so as to continue to provide strong impetus for the company's high-quality development.